3 Easy Family Day Hikes in Puerto Rico

1. Puente de la Bellala

This is about a 25 min. walk each way to the beach, to get to the bridge is not far at all. From the bridge we continued to Puerto Hermina, the trail connects to the main road so it’s fairly easy to find. Puerto Hermina has huge waves so we watched the waves crash while we ate our picnic.

The best way to get there is to park off on the side of Road 485, along the road in dirt area 18.480026, -66.900324. The day we went one of the locals let us park at their place to be off the road. Continue walking up the dirt road, past a fence and you will see the path to the left. There is a site marker showing routes to the bridge or Puerto Hermina Beach. We walked the bridge and then down to the beach from there. The bridge is very high in the air and not many side rails so be careful if you have little ones.

2. Borinquen Beach

From the parking lot it is around a 2 mile trail that goes from BQN beach along the cliffs to the abandoned Navy buildings, then to Lighthouse Ruins. If you continue on the dirt path along the coast you’ll reach Wilderness beach. We were the only ones here and it was amazing. There are trail markers and plenty of historic information to read on our route. There are also several hidden gems of breathtaking cliff vistas with the Atlantic Ocean as backdrop. If you’re lucky you’ll see turtles swimming in the ocean. Make sure to bring water and I would recommend a hat, there isn’t much shade on the trail.

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3. Cave of the Wind in Guajataca Forest (La Cueva del Viento)

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You can accesses the forest from Route 446 in Isabela. There is ranger information office and parking on Route 446 around KM 9. There is a picnic area too. They have a small set of outhouse style bathrooms behind the “caretakers” quarters.

The trailhead for Cueva del Viento is right at the ranger station Look for the sign for Trail #1 sign. It’s a pretty flat trail except for the steep part that brings you down to the cave stairs entrance. Almost right away you will see a trail marker to the Observation Tower on your right. This is a short walk that offers nice views but it is all uphill to the tower. The trip we took was about 2 miles round trip, we did picnic along the trail we spent about 3 hrs. overall at the forest.

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