5 Island Trips for Families

1. Vis, Croatia 2. Kalanggaman Island, Philippines 3. Puerto Rico 4. Malapascua Island, Philippines 5.Jamaica

$1 Items You Need in the Car for Long Road Trips

After driving 44 days in the car with a 4, 9 and 11 year old we came to the conclusion on what kept them entertained in the car. Once we hit the dollar tree and got each kid a blank sketch pad we finally were able to have a moment to listen to our favoriteContinue reading “$1 Items You Need in the Car for Long Road Trips”

This is us.

The Tribe. It all started with Mark and I back in 2003. We spent every weekend 🚘 tripping around WA. 🗺 is our “common ground”, 💵 is main “our problem”. One thing we learned “money can’t buy love” but traveling can keep you in 💘. “Life begins at the end of our comfort zone” WeContinue reading “This is us.”

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