$5 Family Day Trips in Puerto Rico

1. Gozalandia Water Falls, San Sebastian

We rated this our #1 spot of the trip. The parking lot is privately owned and the parking fee is $5, there is not other entrance fees. We walked to the large set of falls first, be carful of the rocks they’re slippery. We stayed here for about 3 hours while the kids climbed, jumped and swam. There is a small cave you can swim through and hangout inside, the outside light really makes is bright in the cave. We brought a picnic lunch and 3 bottles of water, we were able to eat then head over to the smaller waterfall which had a rope swing. I highly recommend this day trip in Puerto Rico, it was fun, cheap and all day entertainment.


2. Take walking tour of Old San Juan

Old San Juan is the biggest tourist attraction in Puerto Rico and it is setup that way. Food and drinks are pretty expensive so we did a walking tour and ordered 1 thing at each restaurant for us all the sample. We didn’t want to drive into OSJ due to the narrow roads and crowds. We parked in Catano for free on the street and walked to the waterfront to play at the park and catch the ferry to OSJ. The ferry is $1 roundtrip and runs every 15 min. We got off the ferry terminal and walked towards the Castillo san Felipe del Morro. The city is setup with blocks creating “Plaza’s”. We exited the ferry and headed to the left and walked through the snow cone, candy and food vendors. As we made our way to Castillo san Felipe del Morro we stopped for a Pina Colada at the bar where the drink was created 56 years ago. We also stopped for kankan and free picture (photo booth) in Vaca Brava. Both were not included in our $5 budget but worth the experience. Once we made it to the Castillo san Felipe del Morro we found there were a set of fountains the kids could run through, cool off and play in for a while. There are several sightseeing attractions in the small city, I would recommend walking by the Casa Blanca to see umbrella street.


3. Catch a wave at Playa Poza del Obispo, Areceibo

We went to Arecibo a few times on our trip, our favorite spot was Playa Poza del Obispo. The waves hit the rocks and create a natural wave pool. We were there on a holiday and the beach was one big fiesta. BBQ’s, coolers and floaties. We loved bobbing in the waves and walked up the rocky incline to see the lighthouse and beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. We brought a picnic lunch and stayed here a for about 4 hours. They have a public shower so it was nice to be able to wash the sand off before we got in the car. I would recommend this day trip because it’s not super commercialized and has a local vibe.




4. Crash Boat Beach, Aguadilla

Crash boat is on the NW side of the island, parking is $5. There are a few food vendors at the beach and a bar. The kids loved jumping off the pier and we saw dolphins here. Mark rented scuba gear, dove around the pier and the kids snorkeled. We waded in the surf and just enjoyed the view. We brought a picnic lunch and played at beach for about 3 hours. I would recommend this day trip because the NW side of the island has the bluest water and cleaner beaches.

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5. El Yunque National Forest

Bring your rain jacket! We drove through the rainforest admired the view and stopped at a few focal points. There is no entrance fee and you can drive through or stop at trailheads. They have a few bathrooms along the main road and a few pullouts for good views. It rains a lot so prepare to be wet. I would recommend this trip if you want to get out of the sun and go for nice hike.

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